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Sultan the Pit Pony


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Location: Caerphilly, United Kingdom
Latitude & Longitude: 51.650753, -3.256159
Views: 52299   Posted By: bmeyer2 (04/14/2008)
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bmeyer2 (04/15/2008)
" Many people living in the Caerphilly county borough are unaware that one of the largest earth sculptures in Europe can be found right on their doorstep. Local people may be surprised to know that, situated on a hilltop at Penallta Community Park near Ystrad Mynach is a magnificent 200-metre long, 5-metre high figurative earth sculpture of a pit pony designed by local artist Mick Petts. The spectacular landscape sculpture was created out of coal shale and forms an enormous natural amphitheatre within the popular country park. Local people have named the sculpture 'Sultan' after a famous Pit Pony that used to work in the old colliery. The sculpture forms part of the award winning 'Changing Places Millennium Programme' carried out by Caerphilly County Borough Council and environmental charity Groundwork Caerphilly. The project involved transforming a derelict colliery spoil tip into the colourful community park it now is. The park recently scooped a prestigious environmental award form the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales for its incredible transformation from a derelict site to a beautiful community park with playgrounds and green open spaces that can be enjoyed by all. Cabinet member for Transportation and Planning Cllr John Taylor said "Local children were involved in the project from the start with many of the sculptures around the park reflecting their ideas and designs. The park has transformed not only the landscape but also the quality of life of the local community." It is hoped the pulling power of Sultan the pit pony will attract visitors from all over Wales to the park." -
sal (10/01/2009)

Why is the pony on his back? Can someone turn the image around?

Dirk (10/01/2009)

So what kind of horse is the Sultan. Is it a horse or a pony. I know that ponies were used down the mines. Anyone got any info on this?

John T. (10/01/2009)

Found this on the Councils website which shows that the beast is indeed a pony:-

"This is the UK's largest figurative earth sculpture, and was designed as a windbreak for the events area that is situated in front of the impressive sculpture. It is 200m long and 15m high. The sculpture wasn't always known as Sultan, it was the local people who dubbed the sculpture with the name Sultan as it stemmed from the name given to a pit pony from the local area."

Interestingly i cant find any Wikipedia entry for this.

dupe (05/26/2010)

Shame you cannot rotate the image, i keep cricking my neck trying to see the pony the right way round

Saltana (09/29/2010)

your necks, oops.

Jon Heywood (09/29/2010)

see bbc news site Britain fro the air:  for 2 views of the pony.

Lukas (01/31/2011)

It took my girlfriend and I most of the day to find this, yet I am glad we did. It gave us time together and just some r&r to sit down and look for this. Thanks for the good hunt.