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Giant Pink Bunny


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Location: Piemonte, Italy
Latitude & Longitude: 44.244274, 7.769737
Views: 39390   Posted By: bmeyer2 (12/22/2007)
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- Weird, Unusual, & Odd
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Ulala (02/19/2009)

That is sooo awesome!!!!!

Yoshemo (05/16/2009)


niamh (05/20/2009)

omg dats is sooo coolll yhoo can go under thee sea and everthin

loganxDxD (12/23/2009)

uhm...what the hell is it made of??

MN (02/26/2010)

i learned about this in art class... its built but from the ground then they covered it with some kinda fabric... kinda cool

wacky2001 (04/07/2010)

went there on easter weekend 2010.  partly covered in snow and is made of bio-degradable materials based on straw haystack covered in woollen type material.  It's not so pink anymore and is going slightly beige

tigershuron (05/10/2010)

its so awsome yet so wierd at the same time! lol

Bieber Alex (07/11/2010)





Justin Beiber© (08/23/2010)

i went there while i was on tour it was awesome yet freaky at the same time lol



Love Justin©

Mel (08/26/2010)

Hey Justin, are you THE JUSTIN BEIBER or just some kinda weirdo?

emily (08/30/2010)

omg is that jb ah  plus its I went there and that is a cool bunny

Elli (10/17/2010)

Hugh Haffners Best Friend ;)

Alexia (11/27/2010)

this is, like, so awesome. I actually saw this once, and it was so cool. I founded it'; that night sound weird, but i did. and it was all rough-feeling, so cool. doesn't show up well in the picture though, but it is so cool in real life. See ya!

emily (12/18/2010)

jb you did not answer me you are not jb if you were you would answer me you let me down dude



peace out emily

jb_hater (12/30/2010)

um emily just because he isnt answer doesnt mean anything the real justin bieber is a busy dude so he might have not had time to answer and if it was a fake then he wld have prob answered that it is the real one as a joke but you never know

Steve (01/16/2011)

Dear god. You people are all retarded. That's not Justin Bieber. The odds of you meeting him EVER is 1 in 7,000,000,000 OK?

HERRO :3 (09/27/2011)


Kim Kardashian! (01/30/2012)

i dont wanna life in this planet anymore!!



A.Caramel (08/05/2012)

I used this picture as my assignment on photogrammetry... Sure it different from others because its unique. 

Jennifer Lawrence (05/22/2014)

I loved that place!! When I went to Italy I went there and saw the bunny. If was amazing and a cool sight!