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Google Earth Street View - Explore, fly and satellite view the entire earth via gogle maps or gogle earth, travel every city streets of the world using with google earth street view. Satellite Sights is your place to spare your time exploring gogle maps view of the earth. View amazing imagery of Earth using Gogle Earth, Gogle maps and Windows Live Virtual Earth.

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Find where is the location of your dream place or simply see where is a tourist spot located on earth. Google offers two diferrent satellite mapping software that are free, Gogle earth and Gogle maps, they look the same. The difference is that Gogle maps is web based, it works on your internet explorer browser and only hasa 2D images ability.

while Gogle earth is more faster because you need to download and install it to your PC and has gogle maps 3d ability.  Both of them offers high definition satellite view of the entire Earth and also have a google earth street view capabilities. They both offers a search function of any location world wide and you zoom in and out from sky to the ground. Find where is the location of your dream place or simply see where is a tourist spot located on earth.


Download Gogle Earth

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Gogle maps can be explore through the window of your computer inside your internet explorer, Gogle earth is a downloadable software which can be installed on your computer to view Gogle Maps from your desktop. But these two gogle maps and gogle earth are almost the same, Although Gogle earth is more recomended for daily use, more faster, more versatile than Gogle maps. Gogle earth and Gogle maps is totally free mapping information to general public, they helps in the location of a any architecture building anywhere on earth or instruct you the correct driveway through driving directions. Gogle earth is more powerful and offers more tools in searching for almost anything.

With gogle maps and gogle earth, you can zoom into the earth in and out, rotate and tilt the earth in four directions to search for any satellite view, explore buildings in gogle maps 3d, and fly from sky to street level, to any restaurants, beaches, businesses around the world. Gogle earth also allows you to measure any distances between two locations. Gogle earth also include a flight simulator for entertainment. Gogle earth has more intelligent function and interface than Gogle maps, it allows you to explore the Earth’s polar regions, and even the sky, the Moon and Mars. Both Gogle satellite and Gogle maps have the google earth street view capabilities that can be viewed in gogle maps 3d.

Gogle Maps

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Facts about Gogle maps

Gogle maps has over 21 million gigabytes of satellite view data

Gogle maps data are updated every 2 weeks depending on weather condition. Data for both Gogle maps and Gogle earth comes from third-party providers such as NASA. Available to public or with licenses of purchases.

Google has worked and still working with business owners in many countries to bring StreetView technology inside the store or building. You can also virtually walk inside or out the White House, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and other famous landmarks.

The google earth street view team has pulled out more than 10 millions of images since the StreetView started on 2007, and photographed more than five million miles of street roads.

Aside from Gogle earth street view cars, Google employs trikes or snowmobiles to captured parks, college campuses, stadiums or other areas that cars can't access. The Snowmobile shot images of snowy terrains.

Interesting Facts About Gogle earth

With Gogle earth you can play Flight Simulator games using aircrafts inside gogle earth interface.

A satellite archaeologist, Angela Micol, found some lost Egyptian pyramids using Gogle earth.

Unkown city can be seen in West Lancashire, England using Gogle earth and Gogle maps.

The largest natural bridge on earth, until it was discovered on Gogle earth, it was then called fairy bridge.

A rainforest in Africa was named ‘Google Forest’ when it was discovered while searching in Gogle earth.

A thousand year old “fish trap” made of rocks was discovered in British coastal with Gogle Maps

More about Google earth Street View Maps.

  • Gogle Maps for sure is the number one most use mapping software around the world.
  • The best weather conditions for capturing Satellite View imagery are on sunny days and slightly while rainy, snowy, fog are not the best.
  • Gogle Maps mascot, a yellow man icon below the control panel of google satellite maps is called Pegman. Sometimes he has different color or dressed when its holiday.
  • Gogle Maps can show where you are on your electronic devices. Streetview can use nearby Wi-Fi and IP data to pin down your exact location.
  • Gogle Maps has the ability to detect faces and blurred them.
  • Gogle maps is not only for driving locations, depending on the city you can use streetview for walking directions.


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